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    • Rating: G
    • Format: Blu-Ray
    • Release Date: December 20, 2018
    • Genre: Documentary
    • Running time: 208 minutes
    • Country: United States
    • Language: English
    • Marketing & Public Relations: Catrina Chatelain

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    NOTE: This Blu Ray Disc is PAL & NTSC formatted (i.e. Region Free/All countries).  It does not play in Sony Blu Ray players and possibly Sony Playstation machines.  All other Blu Ray Brands are fine.  I am working on trying to resolve this issue but it may be a Sony thing.
  • Tired of wondering why we as a black race cannot seem to get ahead? Tired of wondering and asking yourself “Why is life so hard?” or “Why has my whole life been a struggle?”. Tired of getting up every morning to go to work like a “robot” or “slave” with no end in sight? Ever wonder why it seems that Satan is controlling what we see on T.V.? Well, the answers are finally here in the “Hebrews to Negroes” Documentary series. "Sold Out". "Please email [email protected] for special order".
  • The initial Book and DVD “Hebrews to Negroes: Wake up Black America” was designed to be an “Alarm clock” to wake up the many people across the world whose descendants have been scattered to the “FOUR CORNERS OF THE EARTH”. For two long we have been walking around like Zombies; eating, sleeping, working, paying bills and having children. The T.V and those who control it have used the “Mass Media” as an “Indoctrination Tool” to program our brains “when to think”, “how to think”, and “what to think”. "Sold Out". "Please email [email protected] for special order".

    Is the world filled with “deception”?

    Why haven’t we been shown the “Truth”?

    Who is to blame?

    Why has the Black Church been praying to the same Jesus every Sunday but yet Black communities all over seem to be getting worse?

    Is the “Curses of Israel” still in effect?

    Why have we not been taught “correct” Biblical history?

    In this DVD Seminar Series, you will find out the truth about the Bible and see how it “connects” to the 21st Century today.

      "LIMITED AVAILABILITY". "Please email [email protected] for special order".
  • Each Volume contains 2-discs covering the 24+ hours of material presented at “The Real Jews Revealed Seminar” in the Fall of 2016. Hold on to your seats and take notes! The Truth about the “Real” Jews is coming to light!