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Onleilove AlstonFounder | Author
Prophetic Whirlwind: Uncovering the Black Biblical Destiny

Pre-orders for the book starts December 1st

Stephen GrahamDocumentry Filmmaker | GRS BSc Multidisciplinary Educational Service Provider
Stephen Graham is a documentry filmmaker specialising in hard hitting educational films. Stephen has been making documentaries since 2012 and has made 16 documentaries todate on his travels throughout North East Africa. You can find more infomation about him and his films at http://www.stephengraham.net
Maurice LindsaySocial Historian | Writer | Publisher
Maurice Lindsay, now known as Mauryahu, is a social historian, writer and publisher. He is best known for his internationally-read blog, TruthOverTradition.com, which features his essays on biblical and historical truths relating to the African Diaspora. He is also the author of the book series, Wake Up To Your True Identity. To connect with Mauryahu, you can follow him on Instagram @MaurYahu.
Purchase his books on Amazon and www.truthovertradition.com
Earl MasseyFounder and CEO of Disaster Awareness Project otherwise known as DAP
Earl Massey is the Founder and CEO of Disaster Awareness Project otherwise known
as DAP. Earl experienced one of the largest earthquakes in history. The Alaskan
Earthquake that happened on Friday, March 27, 1964, registered at a magnitude of 9.2
on the Richter scale. Since that traumatic experience, I repeatedly have asked myself
the question, “Why aren’t people taking preparedness more seriously?!?” This sparked
the creation of DAP.
About DAP
Disaster Awareness Project (DAP) integrates motivational knowledge that compiles
scientific facts, personal stories and experiences, audio-visual (video and photographs)
and interactions with the audience that  put people “In the Moments” before, during , and
after major disaster such as that literally earth-shattering Alaskan quake in 1964.
Our Products
We offer the highest quality disaster-preparedness foods, water, equipment, evacuation
kits, planning tools and educational services—for the best prices—in the nation. Simply
browsing our line of products and services will convince you to request a presentation for
your churches, social clubs, businesses, sororities or fraternities, block clubs or political