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The Real Jews Revealed (DVD)


Each Volume contains 2-discs covering the 24+ hours of material presented at “The Real Jews Revealed Seminar” in the Fall of 2016.
Hold on to your seats and take notes!
The Truth about the “Real” Jews is coming to light!

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The initial Book and DVD “Hebrews to Negroes: Wake up Black America” was designed to be an “Alarm clock” to wake up the many people across the world whose descendants have been scattered to the “FOUR CORNERS OF THE EARTH”. For two long we have been walking around like Zombies; eating, sleeping, working, paying bills and having children. The T.V and those who control it have used the “Mass Media” as an “Indoctrination Tool” to program our brains “when to think”, “how to think”, and “what to think”. Our thoughts are not our thoughts, our actions are not our actions, and our identity is not our identity. Those in “High Positions” know exactly who are the “Real Children of Israel”. Throughout history, even going back to the Biblical Times, Satan has used the Seed of Cain, Esau’s seed and mankind to destroy the “Children of Israel”. He tried to infect the blood line of Noah, he tried to prevent Moses from being born, and he tried to prevent the “Messiah” from being born. Now they are trying to prevent “Bible Prophecy” by preventing the “Real Lost Children of Israel” from “Waking Up”. But Bible Prophecy CANNOT be stopped. It is all part of “God’s Perfect Plan”. Throughout history, a certain group of people have put through centuries and centuries of suffering. Today, this suffering and oppression is still seen throughout the world in a select group of people. These people are usually at the bottom of society, They are suppressed in every category (economics, politics, health, social, education, etc). Is this a “Curse” or a “Divine Punishment” from God? Hebrews to Negroes 2: the Volume Series is breaking it all down so that the world can see the TRUTH about who are the LOST CHILDREN OF ISRAEL. The “Children of the Gentiles” are ready now to welcome the “Antichrist”. Wickedness is spreading It is time for Jacob to wake up! “A Lie Cannot Live Forever”!

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Volume 1, Volume 1-6, Volume 2, Volume 3, Volume 4, Volume 5, Volume 6


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